Oprah, Oprah, Oprah.....

My patience and my faith in justice, fairness, and the promise of equality in America, has been tested throughout my entire life...yours too, I'm sure.  However, while I feel our country is in a particularly dark period now, with our current president at the helm and with the de-regulation of government protections moving ahead at steady clip, I'm fully aware that there are amazing things happening every day all around the world. It takes amazing people to make these things happen. Oprah Winfrey is one of those people for me. There are clear periods where my faith has been constant or been renewed by social change, a presidential administration that succeeds in protecting the citizenry, the environment, the marginalized, the entrepreneurs, and the vulnerable. There have been substantial periods in my life where I felt America was actively promoting prosperity, inclusion and fairness, and it has often come to me not just from government  but from expressions of pop culture and art.  A lot of great music, film, and other types of art and artists, inspire me and remind me of just how great the, reality, the promise and the potential of the great American experiment really is.  I missed the Golden Globes acceptance speech for the Cecile B DeMille award last night. I was gigging at the Stone Pony, celebrating the music of George Harrison.  So I just watched Oprah's speech on Youtube. Oprah Winfrey is one of those Americans who makes me proud to down to my blood vessels, to be an American. Take a look at the speech. There's a link to it below.  It's worth your time. 

Oprah's acceptance speech of the Cecile B DeMille Award, Golden Globes 2018


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