Sexual predators in the workplace, folks are not having it any more.

Regarding the tidal wave of sexual harassment and misconduct allegations among high profile celebrities, corporate titans, and politicians, I can only say, bring them on.  There's a much needed awakening, cleansing and sea change happening in our country.  Women are simply not taking it any more and realizing that with personal courage and with the strength in their numbers, they have the power to speak out, survive, and prosper.   Much like the way cell phone videos and body camera have exposed what black people have always known, the rights of our men in particular, are routinely destroyed by law enforcement, women have always known the sexual horrors that go on unchallenged in the work place.  Men and women in denial can’t do it any more.   As long as people are telling the truth and people are acknowledging the truth, we are all in a better place.  

I remember when Morgan Freeman was cast to play God in one Hollywood movie and then an American President in another,  long before the election of President Barack Obama.  That's when I knew America was truly ready for the first black president.  Hollywood and by extension corporate America does invest in ideas that won't sell. They're about the bottom line.  That is not to say that there is no empathy or morality in there decision making processes either.   Morality and respect for all people is paramount, but I'm really pleased to see that the corporate world simply isn't having it any more with regards to sexual harassment even amongst artists, even in Hollywood.  I see their position, their intolerance for working with sexual abusers and predators as a reflection of what we as a society are truly ready for.  That might sound sad that I'm viewing it through this prism, but it isn't really.  It's progress, and growth is good.  Now it's time to teach the next generation of little boys and girls how to behave.

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