"SUGAR" featuring Freedom Bremner, from the album Halcyon Days, by Nightcaller drops today 9.14.18

I love it when one of my friends calls me up and asks if I would like to sing on something they wrote.  About six months ago my friend Howard Alper, who I've known for over 20 years, gave me one of those calls.  He had a new project called Nightacaller and he wanted to know if I would check out a song called "Sugar" and consider singing on it.  Because we've been friends since the 90's when we were both in my first band in New York, D'Tripp, we know what each other likes and he always seems to call me with ideas and projects that I really like.  Howard is a really great writer and his projects have been so varied.  Howard also invites me to do things that challenge me and put me in a different creative space every time. The concepts are always fresh, interesting, and totally different from the last collaboration.  That was true in 2002 when I was the vocalist for his politically conscious hard rock  RTR (The radical thought resistance) on their debut album Empowerd Species and this time with Nightcaller and "Sugar" was no exception.  I love that!!!  On "Sugar you''ll hear my voice as you know it, but you'll also meet my vocodorized alter ego "Free"-ka-zoid.  See what I did there, "Free" - kah- zoid.... Yeah well I don't really have a vocodorized alter ego, but if I did, maybe I'd call him "Free-ka-zoid", but there are some obvious copyright issues.....  Maybe I'd go by "Bremner-bot",  "Bremner OS9" or "Brem-vox Humana".  Anyway..."Sugar" is this trippy electro pop song from the Nightcaller debut album "Halcyon Days".  It's playful, dreamy, erotic and it revels in its "computer love" and digital lushness.    

The band Nightcaller is the collaboration of my long time friend, producer/drummer/ songwriter,  Howard Alper, and his partner in crime,  guitarist and producer Evan Patrick.  Howard and Evan say their music is electro / pop / rock influenced by 80's Prince, Sleigh Bells, CHVRCHES, Cocteau Twins, Stranger Things, and Blade Runner.  Believe it.  I hear all of that..  The album was produced by Nightcaller and mixed by keyboardist Joshua Valleau (Kanye West, John Legend, Cee-Lo Green), who also played additional instruments throughout the recording.. The album also features performances by vocalists Imani Coppola, Anne Courtney, Emi Monroe, Dede, Aaron Lazar,  and Babe With Powers.  You can buy the single and entire album  here  It's also on iTunes, and Spotify, of course. Check it out right below. Peace.

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Right now we're featuring Darren Solomon's killin' remix of "Brooce Swayne". Darren is a beast!


Some good stuff coming up on the calendar before Christmas.  For the nostalgic, I'll be riding again with the Glen Burtnik's Summer of Love Experience celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love.  For lovers of music new, bodacious, and beyond, Screaming Headless Torsos heads to Boston at Brighton Music Hall on December 7th as special guests of our friends Consider The Source .                                  

Tickets are available here for all shows.


So here's my deal with the blog. The blog is for people who really want to "go in".  By that  I mean, in this section, I go into details and really tell the story of whatever's happening. If you see an interesting topic and  you feel like you don’t have time to read, I totally get it.  Just go to my Facebook feed at the bottom of this page and the same topics will be there with the same subject headings and dates, in a super condensed version.  I know... it's all about the time management.

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