Video collaboration Jameison & Freedom

Coyote Troker featuring Freedom Bremner - LIVE 2020

This performance of Coyote is live from el Teatro Diana, Guadalajara, Jalisco. as par of the 48th Festival Cervatino. The concert was called Singular /Plural.  The band performed "Coyote" a song we co-wote from the album IMPERFECTO.  The album was also produced and Co-written by my dear friend bassist, producer, and journalist Alonso Arreola.  What was really cool about this,  is the concert was staged during the pandemic, so it was virtual without an audience in the theater, but still Troker brought it. They delivered such a live and energetic performance, for the world to see.. Cooler still, I was in Newark and they were in Guadalajara. The band played live to a click track ( like a metronome) with my lead vocal lead and myriad background tracks from the record (seriously I think I sent them 65 vocal parts 🤓) .  I filmed my lip-synched portions here in Newark with the help of my good friend and Jameison Ledonio, the entire thing was synced beautifully and broadcast live on October 16th at 20:00. Troker is one of my favorite bands in the world, so inventive and uniquely Mexican in the new jazz space. I know we'll cook up something else together soon, and I'm psyched for it.

THE LIGHT AT 99th, featuring Freedom Bremner