In Conversation with Amber the Fan Girl

On December 2nd,  I sat down for a remote interview with Amber the Fan Girl. I was in my living room in Newark, New Jersey, and she was at her interview desk in the Cheshire, England. We went “full animation nerd”, for a solid hour.  She is a serious fangirl, and knows so much about the industry and the history of the giants of animation v voice over. What started as a conversation about my work on the “Parrapa the Rapper 2”  video game for Sony Playstation weaved itself into discussions about autism, the politics of stereotypes in animation, our favorite voice over artists, the nuts and bolts of creating characters and the “4 degrees of separation” within  the industry, including the unlikely connections between me, Donny Hathaway, his children, and Parrapa the Rapper 2!  Oh and trivia….so much trivia.  She’s great, and we had blast. It’s a solid hour of video game, animation geek-dom  Non-geeks beware….

Click this link for the full interview

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