An Analysis of How Donald Trump Speaks

I found this kind of fascinating. I've been paying attention to the way President Trump speaks since long before the election. I always found his use of language to reveal something that I saw as sneaky, slick, and dishonest. He talks like a con-man and it seemed to me that he always gives the kind of pitch that could only convince people who are already desperate or not that intelligent or critical in their thinking, people who are not really thinking about what he is actually saying.  It seemed that he was looking for people who wanted a fast and easy answer always.  His style of speech seems like the stereotype of the used car salesman to  or the Western Snake Oil salesman. I won't lie either, sometimes I honestly find him funny. The first time I heard him say "Rocket Man is on a path to self destruction" in reference to North Korean Premier Kim Jong Un, I laughed out loud. I  laughed for two reasons. One, I couldn't believe that he was actually teasing a world leader, a dictator,  no less, with a demeaning nickname.  What president teases ?!  I also laughed because I thought it was a pretty good nickname, it was spot on,  "Rocket Man".   If he were a stand up comic, he would get serious's a perfect put down.  The problem is he's the president of my country.  The way President Trump speaks, makes me trust him even less, but I never took the time to analyze the actual syntax. This gentleman who created this video did.  It's disturbing, revealing,  and again kind of fascinating.


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