New Music Video, The Light at 99th from Sierra Classic Sound featuring Freedom Bremner

Will Kreth, Yusuke Yamamoto, and I met for the first time in 2011, in a tiny, gritty, control room at BPM Studios in Williamsburg Brooklyn.  it was one of the most economical uses of space I had ever seen. There was gear wedged in every crevice and the vocal booth was a tight squeeze too. I think there may have been some drums stored in there, while I was singing,  but man did that room it have a vibe. It was the beginning of an exciting collaboration, SIERRA CLASSIC SOUND,  that produced three songs The Light at 99th is the first release with more music to come. On "The Light at 99th", we tell a story of a commuter's journey from New York City to Connecticut, starting underground from Grand Central station, traveling beneath the upper East Side, then appearing above ground in Harlem,  and continuing up through the Hudson River Valley.  It's a beautiful train ride that can be both stimulating and meditative at the same time. I've taken it more times than I can count going to gigs upstate. It's a song about that quiet space in the daily commute where we reflect on the daily grind, what does it all mean.... is this enough, what comes next?  The title refers to an actual street light in Harlem, the light at 99th Street  is one of the first things you can see it just as you're coming out of the darkness of the tunnel that begins at Grand Central Station.  On an overcast day in the fall it takes on an even more mystical quality.  

Sierra Classic Sound was born in Brooklyn, but the video is also a collaboration and a South American production. The drawings were created by storyboard artist Kaio Casarini from Sao Paolo, and the animation was created by "Lady Mariana" aka Mariana Lopez,  from Montevideo, Uruguay.  I'm really excited about this video because I looooove animation. This is the first time I've been sketched, storyboarded and animated ever... and  I'm psyched about it!

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